UpClose 4 | Lewis Sykes

23rd April 2013

Deaf Institute, Manchester

This contemplative, silent, projected visualisation of a collection of John Hyatt’s paintings sets the tone for the UpClose music programme that follows. The piece is inspired by Daniel Shiffman’s ‘Explode’ demo from the creative coding platform Processing, which maps the pixels from a flat image into three dimensional space according to their brightness. Lewis Sykes and Ben Lycett have developed this into a hand-coded application that creates an abstracted ‘fly through’ of a virtual gallery – where the paintings are ‘exploded’ into a 3D field of multi-coloured pixels that slowly coalesce to reveal each image in turn. In contrast to the ‘gaze’ associated with experiencing paintings in the traditional gallery space it creates an alternative and evocative way to view John Hyatt’s work through a temporal and almost musical appreciation of colour, contrast and form.