The Power of Optimism | Bread art collective

February 2nd 2014

Southbank , London

An exciting, dynamic work commissioned by Coca-Cola that celebrates how the nation spreads positivity and optimism on social media. It was exhibited on Observation Point, South Bank, London on January 30, 2014 as part of Coke's Reasons to Believe campaign. The work is constructed from a series of cubes showing the top twenty positive words used on Twitter in 2013. A direct connection to Twitter allows the work to respond in real time and light up the words based on the number of tweets being sent around the UK containing each of them. A second set of cubes work as lightboxes displaying photos shared on Instagram by optimists from around the UK throughout January using the hashtag campaign hashtag #ReasonsToBelieve. Further cubes contain dozens of glass Coca-Cola bottles that explore the patterns, textures, shadows and shapes created when lighting these classic icons of product design. 'The Power of Optimism' followed new research commissioned by Coca-Cola which offers a surprising look at the UK's behaviour online, revealing that online positivity is thriving. Since the start of this year, positive tweets have accounted for nearly half of all messages sent on Twitter. This piece of art forms part of Coca-Cola's Reasons to Believe campaign which shines a spotlight on life's positives, championing the optimism that the brand has always for over the last 127 years.